Calgary latest real estate stats – September 2010

What is happening with the real estate market in Calgary, almost everybody knows. Is it good time to buy or not – it a decission that has to be made by the seller and/or buyer? Here you will find limited report on stats for sales happened in September 2010, and this report is based and covers only single detached homes sold in Sept of 2010. (please note all efforts have been done to provide accurate information based on Calgary Real Estate Board, and note that CREB also does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the content of the material appearing on the site, its accuracy, completeness, timelessness or fitness for any particular purpose)

price range from 0 – $350000 —- sold 298 properties
price range $350000-$400000 —- sold 185 properties
price range $400000-$450000 —- sold 134 properties
price range $450000-$500000 —- sold 89 properties
price range $500000-$600000 —- sold 103 properties
price range $600000-$700000 —- sold 35 properties
price range $700000-$800000 —- sold 20 properties
price range $800000-$900000 —- sold 11 properties
price range $900000-$1000000 —- sold 15 properties
price over $1000000 —- sold 35 properties


What does this meat to you:
as a seller: you have to have right price in order top sell a house. Need solution when selling home: Calgary Discount Real estate listing service could be your option if you want to SAVE money while selling a home…

as a buyer:
You can still find some good deals, but it doesn’t meat that this will last forever.

Do what you need to do it. This market will move….
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