Calgary Mere Postings on MLS

calgary discount-real estate mere postings, flatfee495

calgary discount-real estate mere postings, flatfee495

What Is Mere Posting in Calgary on MLS?
” Mere postings allow REALTORS® to limit their involvement on a MLS® listing to a short and definable time frame. Essentially what a mere posting amounts to is a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) that appears in the MLS® System.

After the home is posted on MLS, the homeowner takes complete control of the selling process. Any cooperating buyer’s agents would call the home owner directly, rather than the listing agent, if they wanted to show the property to their buyer.

Additionally, if a buyer’s REALTOR® wanted to submit an offer on behalf of his client, the offer is given directly to the seller, not the listing agent. In other words, the listing REALTOR® is finished immediately upon completing the entry of a mere posting into the MLS® System… ”

As a result of the very definable work that a REALTOR® does for a mere posting, the traditional commission-based remuneration has given way to a comparatively small “pay in advance” flat fee.

This flat fee only compensates your listing agent, and it is left for you to decide what, if anything, you want to offer out to any and all cooperating buyer’s agents. The amount of cooperation you receive from those REALTORS® will depend, in part, on the amount of buyer’s agent commission you offer.
Obviously if you choose not to pay a buyer’s agent commission, REALTORS® will not bring their buyers to your home and you will be relying on unrepresented buyers only… ”

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