Happy Canada Day 2012



There’s a lot of fun facts about Canada Day that we should know but may not. So, here they are!

•Canada Day is celebrated to mark the union of the confederation (joining Nova Scotia & New Brunswick and subdividing Ontario & Quebec on July 1 1867)
•Canada Day was originally known as Dominion Day until October 27 1982. The Canada Act was inspiration to the name change
•First official celebrations for Canada Day was in 1958
•Cross-country television transmitted by the CBC began on Canada Day in 1958
•“O Canada” became the official National Anthem in 1980
•Some immigrants become new citizens of Canada on Canada Day
•Color T.V. was first introduced in Canada on Canada Day in 1967
•Most municipalities across the nation celebrate with concerts, fireworks, parades, BBQ and possibly even a bouncy castle

Some more interesting facts:

Canada’s Population: 34.6 million (2011)

Number of Households: 12.4 million (2006 census)

Size of Canada: 9,984,670 sq. km, 3,855,103 sq. mi.

Annual Births: 381,382 (to June 30 2010)

Life Expectancy: 80.9 Years (2008)

Immigration to Canada: 559,114 arrivals (2010)


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